Our Company Values


the state of being a partner


  • We encourage mutual respect, positivity and integrity.
  • We listen and try to be helpful, supportive, personable and friendly.
  • We remember that we work with real people, and we want our clients to think of us as their partners in the work we do together.
  • We never recommend products that a client does not need.
    Nor do we abuse anyones trust.
  • We never divulge confidential information about our colleagues, business or partners.


the quality of being clear and easy to understand


  • We strive to be open and honest in everything we say and do.
  • All our communications are constructive and relevant.
  • Before we make a decision, we take care to understand the situation and its impact – we explain decisions to everyone affected.
  • We value our knowledge and keep records for continuity and consistency.
  • We try to keep things simple and to communicate effectively.
  • We do not use jargon, but if we have to use technical terms then we explain.


a high standard


  • We aspire to be the experts in our field by continually updating our IT knowledge and technical specifications.
  • We recognise the value of training and aspire towards relevant certification.
  • We think and advise strategically, sharing our extensive technical knowledge.
  • We pull together to make Bridge Fibre a good place to work, filled with happy staff.
  • We never shirk responsibility or leave issues outstanding for someone else.
  • We never feel complacent about what we achieve, but strive for continuous improvement.

Brand Colours

Victoria Purple

Pantone 7678C
CMYK 76, 86, 11, 1
RGB 95, 69, 142
Hex #5F458E

Royal Heath

Pantone 513C
CMYK 38, 87, 0, 0
RGB 165, 68, 153
Hex #A54499

Cobalt Blue

Pantone 2935C
CMYK 94, 68, 1, 0
RGB 0, 92, 171
Hex #005CAB

Why purple and blue?

Colour is one of the strongest non-verbal forms of communications that companies can use. Colour can instantly evoke emotion and help people understand the brand being represented. We have two shades of purple complimented by ‘cobalt blue’ in our colour palette. The purples represent confidence, knowledge, nobility and warmth – whilst blue represents trustworthiness, security, success and loyalty.
All traits that we are proud to possess here at Bridge Fibre.



font / Noto Serif
size / 28
colour / Victoria Purple
weight / Bold

Major Heading

font / Noto Serif
size / 16
colour / Victoria Purple
weight / Bold


font / Noto Serif
size / 13
colour / Royal Heath
weight / Normal



font / Noto Serif
size / 12
colour / Cobalt Blue
weight / Normal

Body Text

font / Gotham
size / 10
colour / Black
weight / Normal

You can download the fonts here:


The Bridge Fibre logo (top right) is our primary logo colourway and should only be used with white and non-duotoned imagery. For any other background, you should use the monochrome logo.

The logo format for any digital or online use should be in .svg format for best display on all devices. You can download the .svg logo variants below.

Exclusion Zone

The logos exclusion zone is equal to the height of the type (marked as ‘x’ in the diagram below). When any partners, suppliers, customers etc. of Bridge Fibre would like to use our logo they must adhere to the exclusion zone and seek permission first, stating where they would like to use the logo.


Science Parks

We build the networks that Science Parks need to meet future growth, conduct advanced research and keep up with new advancements in technology for their tenants and the park itself.

Business Parks

Our advanced networks help start-ups and enterprise businesses to large organisations who operate globally – helping them grow, innovate and create new opportunities.