I’ve now been with Bridge Fibre for six months and that seems  good time to reflect on my time here and what makes Bridge Fibre different to other organisations. 

Delivering essential service during the pandemic
Of course the most significant thing during my time here has been managing the Covid-19 pandemic for our staff and for our customers. As a business in the IT sector you would expect us to have the technology at our disposal to ensure that it’s “business as usual”. Generally, this has been the case. Most of the staff work from home and have been working well using collaborative tools such as Teams and Zoom. Bridge Fibre provides an “Essential Service” so the office has been open, with a skeleton crew, and our engineers have had to visit customer sites for maintenance, upgrades and new installations. We’ve been very careful to make sure our staff are safe. They have all the necessary PPE and we follow strict Covid safe protocols in the office. We focus on excellent customer service and have been growing our teams and improving our underlying systems to ensure that Bridge Fibre is ready for the next phase of its growth.

Control over technology and deep specialism
Bridge Fibre has its own core network. So what? Well, this means that we have more control over how the data is managed. Even though we use third party leased lines we control the traffic which means we know when our customers are using lots of capacity and can find ways to optimise the network.

We specialise in multi-tenanted commercial properties and particularly Science Parks. We’ve been doing this since 2007 and now have over 40 Parks all over the UK in our client base. We don’t do small individual businesses and we definitely don’t do residential. We believe that this focus means that we can be very good at what we do. Essential in a world of mass market providers. 

Meeting the needs of landlords and tenants
Having lots of customers on one site, sometimes in one building, more often in an out of town rural campus, brings its own challenges when it comes to providing our services. It also means that we have to look after the tenants AND the landlords. This is part of what makes Bridge Fibre special. We recognise that tenants want their connectivity, telephony, hosting, backup and other services to work and landlords want happy tenants. They also want to grow and having a connectivity partner they can rely on when planning expansion is very important to them.

Having reflected on what makes Bridge Fire different I think the key point is that we treat our staff and our customers as people. Real people with real needs. One of our core values is clarity and we understand that our customers don’t want to be blinded with IT speak. They want their telephone to work, their Internet connection to be fast and reliable and they want to know their backups are happening automatically. Our staff want to know that they are safe in the workplace, they are treated with respect and have a clear idea about why Bridge Fibre is here; to provide excellent customer service.

Tim Ireland, CEO