Bridge Fibre is proud to announce a new partnership with Prime Fibre and Grosvenor to deliver ultra-fast full-fibre internet to the commercial and business tenants on the Grosvenor London Estate fibre network. Prime Fibre has connected the Mayfair and Belgravia areas to its fibre circuit to give its businesses access to ‘the fastest and highest quality internet in the UK’. As one of its approved business internet providers, Bridge Fibre will be offering its expertise and support in supplying its highly recommended connectivity products to help tenants jump on the ‘gigabit train’ – being able to upgrade their internet and access speeds from 30 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps and beyond!


Leigh Partin, MD at Bridge Fibre says:
“This is a fantastic opportunity for Bridge Fibre to work in partnership with Prime Fibre and Grosvenor to provide our world-class business internet for those lucky enough to be on their full fibre network.”


About Bridge Fibre:
Bridge Fibre is a well-established internet service provider based in Cambridge who operates nationwide. Delivering its services to over 30 science and business parks as well as 1,000+ tenants. Recently dubbed as “the power behind the throne” for its ultra-fast connectivity and flexibility. Because we own our own full-fibre network, we are directly involved in its integrity and can provide faster response times and overall support than the likes of Virgin, BT, TalkTalk… and the rest! Our fully staffed network engineer team will monitor your fibre connection around the clock, proactively responding to changing circumstances and giving you unmatched reliability with peace of mind.


About the Prime Fibre Network:
This is a partnership between Grosvenor and Ventura Next, a leading communication network provider and some of the country’s leading service providers (cough *us*). The Prime Fibre network is part of Grosvenor’s 20-year vision where Grosvenor will invest in one of London’s largest ‘single estate’ upgrades in broadband, and Wi-Fi in partnership with Ventura Next, WiFi SPARK and the planning authorities.

Residents, visitors and businesses will benefit from its new ultrafast broadband connections, in many places where none exist now, across almost three-quarters of the estate this year; a free, public Wi-Fi service to be piloted this year with the potential to cover half a square mile in the next 3 years. This represents an investment in the entire network ecosystem comprising new ducts in the road containing fibre, the systems and electronics required to operate a fibre network and services that it provides to the businesses. You can find more about Prime Fibre at

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