Out with the old and in with the new - in T-minus...









In favour of VoIP services (Voice over Internet Protocol) – BT have confirmed that they will be pulling the plug on PSTN (public switched telephone network) and ISDN (integrated services digital network) services in 2025 – starting the process as soon as 2020, forcing businesses to find other IP-based alternatives for their telephone systems.


Why are they switching off?

To keep the long story short, the systems are out of date, as are the associated running and repair costs. Even though they have been regularly updated over the tens of years since they were first introduced – the lines are still ‘technically’ in the same design and layout stage as the very first original telephone lines from the 1800s. With the internet and other communications platforms advancing at the speed of light (or fibre), it only makes sense to make sure your telecoms system is also upgraded to the latest technology.

In early 2017 there were well over 2 million companies still using ISDN connections in the U.K. (stats provided by Ofcom), who will all be affected in the coming years. A survey has also brought to light that over 25% of companies in the U.K. are still unaware that this is even taking place!

To avoid finding yourself without a phone system we strongly suggest exploring alternative routes with ourselves – that’s what we are here for!


So what is the sensible alternative to PSTN/ISDN?

We encourage our customers to investigate VoIP solutions. With hosted telecoms there are no additional maintenance charges, calls are routed through the internet and each user will have their own dedicated line, not to mention the low costs and higher call quality compared to the old systems.

VoIP telephony is completely cloud-based and suited to companies of most sizes, from SMEs to multi-national enterprises who are attracted to fixed cost business telephony, extra functionality and lower call charges.

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