Coronavirus Update

I’m sure, like us, you are watching daily updates regarding the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). As things stand it is in the balance whether this virus outbreak will be controlled or spread rapidly through the population. If the latter, then it would seem likely that there will be significant self-isolation and possibly even more widespread lockdown of places where people congregate. At Bridge Fibre we are taking this opportunity to review our disaster recovery systems and ensure that if we choose not to use our office we are still able to provide all our services to you.

Key points are:

• In the event that we are not able to use our office, our staff will work from home and we have already tested that this is possible for all staff.
• We may not be able to visit your site but would continue to provide services remotely through our support team.
• We will continue to be able to provide bills and invoices through our finance department during any period of office closure.
• We won’t be making any non essential (i.e. sales or drop-in) visits to site.
• If significant numbers of our staff get sick at the same time, there may be a period where services are depleted. We would endeavour to catch up with lost time at the earliest opportunity.

We will keep following government advice and send updates on any actions we intend to take. If you would like to discuss your plans with us, please contact our support team or your account manager. We would be happy to advise you with regards to how technology can help you to keep your business operational.

The Detail


Remote support

In the event that we are not able to use our office our staff will work from home. We are able to take home office phones that will ring normally, with hunt groups, if the main office and service desk numbers are dialled. Our telephones can also be answered by all staff using an application on their laptops and we have ensured that all staff have this configured correctly and are taking their laptops home every night. We also all have company mobiles as a backup and we can redirect our main office numbers if there are any problems with the primary phones. We can access the majority of your systems from any location and so general troubleshooting should not be affected. It is reasonable to assume there will be some minor internal communication problems that cannot be fully dealt with without face-to-face contact but we expect to be able to operate using a range of conferencing tools.


Onsite support

We may not be able to visit your site but we would continue to provide services remotely through our support team. Your first point of contact should be the service desk who would then escalate to the product manager/their line manager as appropriate. As part of our planning, and in line with guidance from the UK Government on the prevention of the spread of viral infection, we are now introducing some simple steps for our engineering teams whilst visiting end customer premises. With effect from 12th March, before planning a visit we will verify with yourselves what measures you have in place and your current status, including whether you have any known issues. If an emergency visit is required then we will work with you to ensure that our engineers can get safe access with minimal interaction with yourselves. Our engineers are issued with hygiene products and will act in accordance with your and our guidelines. We are committed to maintaining all of our services and to continue to carry out appointments in customer premises, wherever possible, but we feel these simple steps will help to ensure the safety of our people and that of the wider community.


Financial services

Our finance systems are accessible remotely and we will continue to be able to process bills and invoices through our finance department during any period of office closure.



If our office is closed, we may not be able to accept deliveries of hardware and this will have an impact on our ability to complete certain service delivery operations. Critically we would not be able to configure devices and deliver/install it at your site. In emergencies we could arrange for a member of staff to come to our office to accept deliveries and start processing but we would not be able to have multiple people in the office at once. It should also be noted that we are already seeing some delays to equipment orders from UK suppliers and we are expecting this to worsen before it gets better.


Longer term impact

Current suggestions are that at its peak there may be 20% of the UK workforce sick at the same time and unable to come to work. As we are a people-based business this would have an impact on our ability to continue providing a full range of services to all clients. We will prioritise urgent support such as Connectivity outages to keep your business running by reducing the volume of non-urgent support work until the peak has passed.

You can still reach us on our service desk as usual: 01223 755055 and by emailing – should you have a technical issue please email 

Thank you.


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