Who is Bridge Fibre?

Bridge Fibre is one of Cambridge’s best-kept secrets.

We are a Cambridge based Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing full fibre internet, VoIP and hosting services to local business parks including Granta Park, Babraham Research Campus and Chesterford Research Park – as well as national business parks like Silverstone Park and Norwich Research Park.  

Join our growing list of Cambridge clients like Illumina, Cancer Research, Solarflare, TWI, and Vindis.

Does your ISP let you speak to them directly?

Bridge Fibre does.

Will they be on-site within one hour to fix faults?

Bridge Fibre will.

Is your ISP based right here in Cambridge?

Bridge Fibre is.

Can they give you great value for money?

Bridge Fibre can.

Working closely with you

Our team strives to understand your connectivity needs to build a bespoke solution. Unlike other business ISPs, we listen carefully and provide clear advice. We promise not to sell you anything that you do not need, and we never use jargon, so you understand what we are doing, and why.

Our unique approach results in detailed planning and the seamless delivery of dependable internet solutions, which help businesses to excel.

Never knowingly beaten on price.

For a basic three-year contract, we offer free installation (subject to survey) and a pricing plan designed to beat all other suppliers. If you need to upgrade your service at a later date, let us know and we’ll just charge you the new rental price, with no hidden upgrade fees.

FTTC vs. Fibre

DSL copper services are slow by today’s bandwidth standards and will struggle with large demands from users. Most people are unaware that FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) is in fact fibre to the street cabinet (from the local exchange) and then copper cable to the end user. FTTC services tend to be heavily contended and speed is dependent on distance from the exchange.

Bridge Fibre’s Gigabit leased lines are full fibre connections all the way to the building; there is no copper delivery from the cabinet, unlike FTTC. The service is uncontended (ie not shared with anyone else) and ensures consistent reliability for business use, whatever the time of day.

Fibre vs. Bridge Fibre

Already have a fibre internet connection installed?  Then you may want to think about resilience and what would happen if your main internet connection failed. What would this cost your company in terms of revenue, productivity and customer experience?  Bridge Fibre is in the perfect position to provide an affordable and completely diverse back up connection.

Our highly recommended service provides internet connectivity to 30 Business Parks throughout the UK and over 500 businesses. With a resilient core network monitored 24x7x365, you can reach our dedicated team of Cambridge engineers whenever needed, without going through an automated answering system. We can even be on site within the hour if you need us.

Multi-tenanted buildings

Are you one of a number of smaller companies in a Multi-tenanted building suffering from slow internet speeds?  Then talk to us – we are experts at solving this connectivity dilemma and catering for all sizes of businesses from start-ups through to large nationals. With flexible terms and products available, we’re sure we can help provide you with a fibre broadband solution.

Get connected today!