Triple your business’ internet speed, with the Gigabit Connection Voucher Scheme

The new Government Gigabit Connection Voucher Scheme, organised by the Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport, is a key part of the Government’s strategy to bring gigabit connectivity to businesses across the UK.

Eligible businesses are able to claim a voucher to cover the cost of making their internet connection ‘Gigabit ready’, with speeds beginning at a superfast 100Mbps, all the way up to a blazing 1Gbps (or 1,000Mbps).

There are a limited number of vouchers to distribute nationally, so we recommend that businesses consider claiming one as soon as possible before they are all gone.

Claim up to £2,500

Moving into a new office space or wish to upgrade your existing connection in a building that already has access to fibre?

In an existing building or business park, and without access to affordable fibre connectivity? Pool yours and your neighbours vouchers together to unlock a whole building/park fibre upgrade.

What does a Gigabit Voucher get you?

A Gigabit Broadband Voucher covers the cost of upgrading your business’ internet connection to be capable of ultra-fast, ‘Gigabit’ internet speeds.


Your business will gain a significantly faster connection, guaranteed to be the greater of either 100Mbps or twice your current speed, and upgradable to speeds up to and above 1Gbps if you ever need them. At Bridge Fibre we pride ourselves in our unique ability to deliver this ultra-fast connectivity to you, with a business-grade uptime commitment, within days, and you don’t need to pay a penny for the install.

Speak to our experts

Get in touch and we’ll see if a Gigabit Voucher is right for your business. With no forms or paperwork for you to fill in we promise to make the switch to faster internet as smooth as possible.

Choose your pre-approved plan and we’ll handle the rest.


Is my business eligible?

Your business must be an SME meeting the following requirements:


  • The business is not a subsidiary and/or under the control
    of a larger SME entity (25 threshold)
  • Balance sheet is below €43m
  • Annual turnover is below €50m
  • Employ fewer than 250 persons
  • Must comply with the European State Aid rules
  • Must have received less than €200,000 in the current and two
    previous financial years in De Minimis aid
  • New connection must meet the required step change

Which areas are covered?

From the 27th March 2018, the Gigabit Voucher Scheme has been expanded to cover the whole of the UK.

How do I apply?

  1. Contact our experts to confirm your business eligibility
  2. Request a quote for your chosen package and speed
  3. Complete the application form we send you along with the signed order form
  4. We will request funding approval for you
  5. Once approved we will obtain your new gigabit fibre circuit
  6. Once we have installed the circuit you will receive confirmation of the benefit (de minimis aid)

Last but not least, enjoy!

What does the voucher cover?

By using one of our pre-approved packages, the gigabit voucher will contribute towards the following costs up to a maximum of £2,500:


  • New fibre circuit connection costs (or provides a monthly discount where we already offer free connection on a three year contract)
  • Router hardware (up to £250)
  • Excess construction charges

Key points worth noting...

  • Only one voucher can be awarded per business – maximum £2,500
  • Multiple businesses at the same location may combine voucher awards to cover eligible costs – please contact us for details on project funding
  • Vouchers are not transferable
  • The Gigabit Voucher Scheme will run until 2021 or until the fund has been fully allocated if before

About your connection...

The fibre circuit chosen and supplied must provide the following in order to provide a change in business-grade performance:


  • Offer a minimum of 100 Mbps and be able to be upgraded to support at least 1 Gbps
  • Deliver at least a doubling speed when compared to a current business grade connection being consumed e.g. ethernet or leased-line.
  • If you are upgrading from an NGA (Next Generation Access) broadband connection e.g. fibre broadband, FTTC or VDSL – then the doubling of speed does not apply when upgrading to a business grade ethernet or leased line connection
  • The connection must use one of our pre-approved packages

The voucher scheme process

We promise to make the transition as smooth as possible.


  1. We request a voucher on your behalf from the Government and then check you are happy to go ahead via email/phone call.

2. We get to work to deliver your new internet connection.

3. Connected! We let the Government know that the work is done.

4. You will get an email from the Government for confirmation that the service is live and working (you might get further checks before they pay us).

5. That’s it! You can now enjoy your brand new gigabit fibre circuit.

Let's get the fibre ball rolling!