A fantastic team building experience was had by everyone on our annual company day, this year held at the Double Tree by Hilton in Cambridge.

The day started with a delightful breakfast followed by a corporate presentation and some team games including “The Babel Tower” and “Truth or Lie”. After a pleasant morning involving collaboration, creativity and problem-solving skills we had a lovely company lunch and then the unexpected team building activity.

We were literally part of the Hunters game trying to represent a team of intelligence officers known as “the hunters”. An improbable and funny experience for Bridge Fibre, who teamed up with the production company behind the Channel 4 show ‘Hunted’ to bring to life “The Hunted Experience”.

Along the way, we had to show our observational and attention to detail skills as well as communication and team work. Played across the area of Cambridge, using our phones and radios provided by our mentors, we tried to follow our target without looking too suspicious.

A challenging activity for us, being a company involved in anything but detective work!

Even though we work together on a daily basis, it was fun and different working together, fast and cleverly, to think outside the box and accomplish different objectives.

Medals were also given as awards to the winning team for their performance and detailed observational skills. Well done to Leigh, Alex, Bruna and Amanda not forgetting our team mates from sister company Bridge Partners – Adam, Frances, Jools and Dan.

A great day for Bridge Fibre which ended in laughs and jokes about our funny detective attitudes and behaviours – especially those who took it a bit too seriously… not mentioning any names!