Over the last year we’ve seen Microsoft Teams become central to many businesses, providing a backbone for communication and collaboration between employees working both at home and in the office. As of April 2021 according to Microsoft a staggering 145 million people are now using Teams – over four times higher than the 32 million pre-pandemic daily active users.

Moving forward many organisations are looking to extend Teams even further to cover all their telephony needs, alongside video, chat, messaging, meeting and file sharing. They want to be able to make and receive external calls from any number (local, national, international or mobile), all from within Teams, providing a consistent, single unified communications platform.

Make and receive external calls – all without leaving Teams
Thanks to TeamsLink, available from Bridge Fibre, our customers can now communicate and collaborate anytime, securely and efficiently. A Microsoft certified application, TeamsLink connects inbound and outbound calling directly through Microsoft Teams, whether it is standard one-to-one call, a conference or video call.

This delivers three major benefits:

  • Simplicity: All your communication is through a single platform, making it easier for users. As it is cloud-based there’s no need for onsite infrastructure, so it is quick to get up and running. Management of users and call routing is via an easy-to-use online portal, reducing administration time.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Our standard TeamsLink package includes unlimited UK local, national and mobile calls at no extra cost, along with a competitive international calling tariff if required. This enables major savings on call costs compared to traditional telephony. You can also choose numbers from 127 countries to extend your global presence, using location-based routing.
  • Seamless integration with Office 365: This makes TeamsLink straightforward to add to your infrastructure, and it will integrate with a variety of third-party apps and legacy systems if needed.

Stylish phones and headsets for all
With full porting of your existing numbers you can switch simply and quickly, with no impact on your operations. And at Bridge Fibre we offer a wide range of Microsoft certified headsets, desk phones and audio conferencing equipment that works with TeamsLink. So you can provide your people with the right choice of kit to meet their needs – neither they (or your customers) will see a difference when making and receiving calls.

With many staff now returning to the office, there’s a real focus on how companies can increase efficiency, while boosting collaboration and communication. TeamsLink is the perfect solution for both of these needs – reducing call costs and making communication easy and seamless.

Find out more about how it can help you on our new product page.

Tom Mellows, Product Manager (Telephony)