We are also proud to work with

Alconbury Weald – Seeing action from both British and American Forces in the 2nd World War and the Cold War, Alconbury Weald is now in the process of transforming into a business park. Bridge Fibre have installed dual resilient fibres into the park supplying the Innovation centre with high-speed connectivity, with future plans to connect the developing buildings.


Website: www.alconbury-weald.co.uk



 – The Babraham Research Campus is considered to be the UK’s leading campus to support early-stage bioscience enterprise. World class research and business come together to promote innovation and strengthen links between academia and the commercial world. Bridge Fibre have installed dual fibres into this site for resilience.


Website: www.babraham.com



Bristol and Bath Science Park –
 Whether it’s the Innovation and Grow-On centres or the remaining development plots on-site, every area of the park is designed to support businesses through each stage of their development. We have installed a second fibre circuit here for resilience.


Website: www.bbsp.co.uk



Birchwood Park
 – Based in Warrington, the park is home to more than 165 organisations. The park can accommodate almost every kind of business and is currently in its final stages of building its new warehouse development.


Website: www.birchwoodpark.co.uk



Cambridge Innovation Park – is set within a secure site located just off the A10 at Waterbeach. Originally constructed in 1995 for the MoD, the building has since been converted to accommodate over 25 businesses. The site is currently undergoing further development to house more businesses in new buildings.


Website: www.cambridgeinnovationpark.co.uk



Capital Park
 – Located close to Cambridge city centre, Capital park is set in a green and mature environment with a wide range of clients residing on site. The large flexible floor plans make the perfect home for a wide range of businesses.


Website: www.capital-park.co.uk



Chesterford Research Park – Building on 60 years of continuous R&D at Chesterford, the Park is now home to innovative biotechs and pharmaceutical companies such as Isogenica, Illumina and BioFocus. Bridge Fibre have installed two fibres to this park with a ring network topology for complete resilience.


Website: www.chesterfordresearchpark.com


Culham Science Centre 
Owned and managed by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Culham Science Centre combines world-class publicly funded research into fusion power, commercial technology organisations and Culham Innovation Centre, to create a powerhouse of high technology innovation and enterprise.


Website: www.culham.org.uk



The Enterprise Centre
 – The Enterprise Centre  (TEC) is a regional business hub and the greenest building in the UK.  The gateway building at the University of East Anglia, TEC has commercial tenants working alongside students in a dynamic and vibrant community which brings benefits to all users.


Website: www.uea.ac.uk/adapt/the-enterprise-centre



Allia Future Business Centres (Cambridge and Peterborough) – Offering high-quality office units to easy access workshops with concrete floors, benches and water access, the Future Business Centre offers a range of different types of spaces depending on business needs.


Website: www.futurebusinesscentre.co.uk



Granta Park – Provides not only new facilities for The Welding Institute’s extensive R&D laboratories but also fulfils a need for purpose-built locations for the area’s expanding biotech and technology sector. Located in the heart of the Cambridge Science cluster and launched in 1997, the park is home to leading companies including MedImmune, Pfizer and PPD. Bridge Fibre have installed two fibres to this park with a ring network topology for complete resilience.


Website: www.grantapark.co.uk



Grovelands Business Park
 –  is situated off Boundary Way, one of the principal routes onto the large and successful Maylands Business Area of Hemel Hempstead.



Hillington Park
 –  Scotland’s largest and most established Business Estate, home to over 300 businesses directly engaging in manufacturing, distribution technology and service sectors. Bridge Fibre has installed two 1Gbps bearers into the park supplying resilient internet services to the Innovation Centre and Merlin house.  Bridge Fibre can also provide wireless connectivity to the wider park from the roof of these two buildings.


Website: www.hillingtonpark.com



Lincoln Science Park -Lincoln Science and Innovation Park was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between the University of Lincoln and the Lincolnshire Co-op. Making use of the old Ruston Bucyrus headquarters, LSIP developed it’s first state of the art laboratories to accommodate the University of Lincoln Schools of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Life Sciences in the Joseph Banks Laboratories.


Website: www.lincolnsciencepark.co.uk



Lloyds Avenue
 – A grade 2 listed building located in the heart of London, Lloyds Avenue is a multi-tenanted building which has a 1Gbps bearer installed.


Website: www.sixlloydsavenue.co.uk



Malvern Hills Science Park – is located in Malvern, Worcestershire. The Science Park opened in October 1999. Its position adjacent to QinetiQ (Malvern) provides access to the knowledge and technology of one of Europe’s largest research organisations. Malvern has a rich history of revolutionary technology including LCD displays and RADAR.


Website: www.mhsp.co.uk


Norwich Research Park
 – aims to deliver solutions to the global challenges of healthy ageing, food and energy security, sustainability and environmental change. 2015 saw a 13-meter visual timeline installed, illustrating the history of the park including the formation of the Norwich Research Partners LLP and the development of many landmark buildings.


Website: www.norwichresearchpark.com



Silverstone Park – 
is creating a global destination for engineering, innovation and business development, along with being the home of British motorsport and the BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club). Bridge Fibre upgraded the park to include a second connection circuit for resilience, adding extra piece of mind for tenants here.


Website: www.silverstone-park.com



St John’s Innovation Centre
 – St John’s Innovation Centre provides early-stage knowledge-based companies with tailored business services and flexible accommodation. It was the first Innovation Centre of its kind in Europe and has become widely known for its success as a business incubator. The Jeffreys, Vitrum and Platinum building also on the St John’s park benefit from Bridge Fibre’s connectivity solutions.


Website: www.stjohns.co.uk



Symonds Farm – Located just two minutes from the A14, and with a core business in agriculture, Symonds Farm also offers commercial space, which allows businesses to row at their own rate. The park has self-sufficient renewable / green power supply thanks to an anaerobic digester.


Website: www.symondsfarm.co.uk



Wellington Place
 – Located in the heart of Leeds, Wellington place is part of the MEPC group. The park has a range of clients, ranging from IT Support/service companies to legal and accounting.


Website: www.mepc.com/wellingtonplace



Westbrook Centre
 – Located on the northern fringe of Cambridge City Centre, the Westbrook Centre is home to a range of different companies and other facilities. Bridge Fibre is in the process of upgrading the fibre circuit installed here to 1Gbps.



Valley Court offices
 – are situated in a well serviced rural area on the (A603) B1042, nine miles west of Cambridge. The A603 road is probably the best road in and out of Cambridge allowing easy access to the centre and the bypass leading to the Science Park area. Some of the offices are buildings converted from old farm buildings made of Cambridge brick and slate but the majority are purpose-built buildings all done to a high standard.


Website: www.valleycourtoffices.co.uk


Tenants who were frustrated with the broadband situation have been delighted at the new range of services that they can now access through Bridge Fibre, and this enables us to market the site more effectively to potential new tenants. Broadband has gone from being a limitation to one of our major assets.

Dr Caroline Livingstone

Head of Campus Development, United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Culham Science Centre

Bridge Fibre value their customers, not only by providing a professional and personable service, but also by demonstrating how they can offer real commercial benefits to both ourselves and our tenants.
Katherine Maguire

Park Manager, Chesterford Research Park

Your helpdesk team are brilliant.  Calls are answered quickly and dealt with efficiently.  We know not to worry if we have an IT problem, Bridge will fix it!
Tracy Carpenter

Granta Park

The broadband connection that has been installed enables us to provide companies with a level of service that is appropriate for high tech businesses which means companies can deliver services to their clients quickly, efficiently and securely.
Roz Bird

Commercial Director, Silverstone Park

I wanted to be able to attract more high tech businesses but the slow ADSL speeds available were proving to be a deterrent. When Bridge Fibre explained the Super Connected cities scheme to me I saw an opportunity to upgrade my internet infrastructure free of charge, not only for future tenants to benefit from but also for my existing ones. Bridge Fibre helped the tenants complete the funding application form and arranged for a fibre circuit to be installed which now delivers superfast internet to tenants on the park.

Bridge Fibre provided a professional and personal service from start to finish and it was a pleasure to work with them on this project.

James Brown

Landlord, Valley Court Business Park

Bridge Fibre has an excellent understanding of our business and our tenants’ requirements. They have often been proactive in suggesting ways that we can improve and update our systems to ensure we retain a competitive edge as technology advances.
David Gill

St John's Innovation Centre

Bridge Fibre are unknown to the office staff in our business because, to date, the service has never failed, stuttered or slowed down. Our Business is 100% connectivity reliant because we host our own VoIP, 90+ site VPN, web and data base servers. Bridge Fibre were happy to allocate us IPv4 address space with this connection and so far (2 years uptime), connectivity has been more reliable than our two Tier 3 Data centre colocations and vastly more reliable than a business broadband line installed by one of the major players. Thank you Bridge Fibre!
Dave Scott

Tornado Storage, Grovelands Business Park

We use Bridge Fibre for our phones and internet. They have an excellent understand of our requirements and are always very knowledgable and helpful whenever i need to contact them. They respond quickly when we have any queries or need new equipment added to our system. We look forward to continuing and developing our relationship with them.
Fiona Purves

Defacto, Merlin House, Hillington

Bridge Fibre has always been quick to respond whether it’s for sales or service; when we had a problem Bridge Fibre has worked to quickly fix it. They have been able to change our services as the company has grown and support was great when we moved into our new Technical Centre.
Hugh Smithson

HiETA, Bristol & Bath Science Park

The transfer has gone really smoothly and this is due to you and your team being very considerate of our tenants and taking them through the process carefully.
Lynn Nangle

St John's Innovation Centre

Bridge Fibre are the type of modern & flexible company needed when you are considering the move to dedicated internet. They were very informative, well priced and quick to install with zero hassle.
Andrew Walker

Niras Fraenkel, Merlin House, Hillington

Bridge Fibre provide a reliable and cost effective service and when you couple this with their strong technical knowledge and support, any issues are quickly and efficiently resolved.
Greg Lavelle

Etellect, Merlin House, Hillington

I’m very pleased with the quality of service our ISP, Bridge Fibre Ltd, provides to Bristol BlueGreen Ltd. With all our documents cloud based the importance of good quality internet access is critical and Bridge Fibre gives me confidence that I can access my documents when needed.
Rick Smith

CEO Bristol BlueGreen Ltd, Bristol & Bath Science Park

Having reliable Internet and Telephony is vital to a technology company such as ourselves in order to support our customers. Bridge Fibre provides a superb service that allows us to put our connectivity at the back of our minds and our customers first.
David Curran

Fibonacci, Silverstone Park Innovation Centre

We moved into our office a month ahead of schedule and suddenly found we were in urgent need of telephony and internet services. I was put in touch with Bridge Fibre who were very quick to explain the options and costs. The details of the products were clear and it was easy to choose those which were most suited to our needs.

Having placed the order, we were told that we could be looking at a possible 2-week lead time; I explained that we were in a new office, ahead of schedule and needed the services sooner than the fortnight wherever possible. Bridge Fibre took this on board and made it happen within just a few days! What a great service. Since being live, Bridge Fibre have continued to provide us with first class support. Thank you team.

Max Mortimer

InFund Technologies LTD, Bristol & Bath Science Park

Bridge Fibre supplies our Telephony and Broadband service, the service has been reliable and when there have been occasional service issues, their customer service response has been excellent.
Simon Annesley

Rare Selection

We have used Bridge Fibre Ltd now since September 2014 for our internet broadband and find their services second to none, I would highly recommend them.
David Coleman

ANAtech, Alconbury Weald

Bridge Fibre’s independent fibre network at Granta Park provides Vernalis with excellent value layer 2 and layer 3 capabilities but more importantly is back up by a knowledgable and responsive support team. Their team is always on hand to help us with fault resolution and work with us to design and maintain a secure voice and data solution for the site.
Paul Greaney

Vernalis, Granta Park

Excellent service, the connection is always running at the stated speeds. On the one occasion in three years that we’ve had an outage, I was called by the technical team to apologise before we even realised we had a problem.
Oli Harris

Simple Systems, Symonds Farm

We rely constantly on our broadband capabilities and so require an efficient, hassle-free service. Bridge Fibre provide that. A reliable, speedy broadband service and excellent customer care too.
Jenny Chalmers

Road Racing Consultants, Valley Court

We use Bridge Fibre to provide the internet and phone services for ourselves and our tenants. They provide a reliable, professional yet personable service that we and our tenants have used for the last 5 years. On the odd occasion where problems have occurred, Bridge Fibre has responded quickly and efficiently. For example, when there was an issue with one of our internet fibres in 2015, the second resilient fibre provided a seamless backup and ensured that our tenants were unaffected and were able to continue business as usual. We are very happy to recommend Bridge Fibre.
Tom Beasley

Centre manager, Bristol & Bath Science Park

We have been using Bridge Fibre’s internet service since 2014 and have found it to be fast, reliable and cost effective. Their team are very knowledgeable and helpful and I would be happy to recommend their service to anyone considering using them.
Marcus Yeo

Definigen, Babraham Research Campus

We have been very happy with your service, right from install and whenever I have to get in touch my query is answered very quickly. Our fibre is very reliable, even in our very rural location.
Liz Payet

Bridgebrook Energy, Symonds Farm

MIQ Logistics moved to Bridge Fibre after suffering 6 months of poor BT ADSL connectivity in the Glasgow Airport area. After moving to Bridge Fibre in May 2014, we have had an extremely reliable circuit backed up with professional support & Customer Service. I would highly recommend them.
Mick Robinson

MIQ Logistics, Merlin House, Hillington

We started using Bridge Fibre’s fibre-optic internet service back in 2013 and have found it to be extremely stable, reliable and hassle free. The technical support team are very helpful and knowledgeable. I am happy to recommend Bridge Fibre.
Antony Cox

Pro-Tech, Grovelands Business Park

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Babraham Research Campus

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