Ultra-fast fibre powered by Bridge Fibre

Working with Prime Fibre (in partnership with The Grosvenor Estate), Bridge Fibre has become one of the leading service providers for business internet to the Mayfair and Belgravia areas. With our latest technology and unrivalled support team – we are proud to be able to offer shops, SMEs and larger enterprises access to our ultra-fast fibre reaching speeds of 1,000 Mbps and beyond with a fully staffed network engineer team who boast much faster response times than the likes of BT, Virgin and TalkTalk to name a few.

You can rely on us to provide your gigabit internet with peace of mind knowing we are here 24/7 should you ever have any issues.

Business Fibre perfect for your office

Bridge Fibre provides fibre-to-the-premises, bringing a full-fibre connection directly to your building or office. With no copper to slow your data down, our network can easily run gigabit speeds (that’s 1,000 Mbps and beyond) making it ideal for remote backups, data-heavy cloud services and VoIP telephony.

Compared to other ISP’s (TalkTalk, BT, Virgin, Sky etc.) who mainly offer FTTC (Fibre-to-the-cabinet) and then copper to your building, we bring our fibre all the way to your premises – so your speeds remain the same no matter how far away you are.

What’s included?

All Bridge Fibre business products include a free router and one static IP address. Additional IP addresses
are charged at £3pm.

If you have specific needs or require additional services please contact us to discuss your options.

All prices are per month and exclusive of VAT

Set-up fee as standard is £2,000
This can be covered by a Gigabit Voucher from the government… so you don’t have to pay a penny!



VoIP Business Telephony

As well as providing you with connectivity, we can further reduce your costs by providing a fully managed phone system delivered over your existing internet connection.

It is a feature-rich, cost-effective solution ideal for any business seeking a high-quality telephony system using all the latest technologies at a low cost of ownership.