Consultancy Services

Bridge Fibre has recently merged in the consultancy business, Broadband Vantage, who have been delivering Broadband consultancy projects for Science Park and large campuses, public sector and rural clients for over 10 years.

Building on our extensive experience with multi-tenanted commercial properties where we manage the Broadband infrastructure for over 30 sites around the UK, Bridge Fibre is now ideally placed to deliver a complete service to clients from pre-planning and feasibility, through infrastructure design and procurement to the delivery of Gigabit fibre and wireless services to tenants and landlords alike.

New builds and refurbs.

It’s never too soon to start planning the infrastructure. Getting it right the first time will save you a significant amount and we find our customers achieve savings far in excess of our fees through the help and support we give them.

Surprisingly, architects, designers and engineers often don’t know how to deliver the appropriate, flexible and low-cost infrastructure (from ducts and fibre to added value services) for IT provision in a shared environment. It’s a specialist skill and it’s worth checking to make sure you have future proofed your investment, whether you outsource service provision or manage it in-house.

Existing Sites

For managers of business centres and Science Parks, revenues from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) should be the second highest source of revenue (and profit) after rents.

However typical obstacles that prevent this are:

  •  Complexity and cost of provisioning the optimum ICT infrastructure
  •  Dealing with multiple wayleave requests from tenants wanting to install their own internet service
  •  Tenants installing their own services ad hoc in the comms room resulting in a mess of tangled cables and increasing risk of significant dilapidations
  •  Knowing who to trust to solve the ICT dilemma

Managing those services yourself is complex, costly and can cause as many service problems as it resolves, but the alternatives are not always clear. You could allow tenants to do their own thing, but that could leave you with an uncompetitive property offer and higher levels of voids. Apart from the missed revenue opportunity, incoming service providers usually install new cabling each time and by the end of a couple of cycles of occupancy your infrastructure will be a mess of tangled cables and you run the risk of significant dilapidations.

Outsourcing the management of ICT is one possibility but who can you trust to create a real partnership and look after your best interests?


How can Bridge Fibre help?

We have found that relying on BT and others to provide Broadband services (and/or expecting tenants to source their own services) results in higher cost and lower satisfaction for tenants, increases dilapidations and makes it harder for Parks to compete for tenants against their competition.  We also appreciate that sorting this out requires specialist knowledge and experience, which we have taken over 10 years to develop.  To help you come to grips with the challenge and prove our value to you, we would like to offer you a completely free half day consultancy review of your current situation.

Bridge Fibre and Broadband Vantage have delivered over 20 Science Park and large campus consultancy projects over a 10-year period but we have also been active in supporting the development of Best Practice in the sector:

  • Co-authored the UK standard for ICT in a shared office environment (PAS700)
  • Produced numerous White Papers on Broadband and related topics (available free of charge on request)
  • Multiple Case studies available on request

Bridge Fibre can support your project at all stages of the property life cycle.