Whether it’s the Innovation and Grow-On centres or the remaining development plots on-site, every area of the park is designed to support businesses through each stage of their development. We have installed a second fibre circuit here for resilience.

Bridge Fibre was selected to be the technology partners for Bristol and Bath Science Park (BBSP) about 6 months before the building opened. BBSP provides innovation and grow-on centres along with development space.

The Requirement

While we only became involved late in the building phase, we helped define the business model for the IT capital, operational costs, and also risk analysis. We advised on the technology implementations and oversaw the mechanical & electrical design, installation of the structured CAT6 cabling, comms room and building management system and worked with the audio visual and building management system partners to ensure seamless integration of the systems and no duplication of networks that would otherwise have occurred.

The Result

By ensuring a flexible approach to the cabling design, it has enabled tenants to move within the building with the minimum of disruption as they have grown or circumstances changed. More recently this has been proven again as a number of companies have moved into the grow-on space or graduated from the building altogether and yet maintained their services.

Want to know how we can help your park?

We use Bridge Fibre to provide the internet and phone services for ourselves and our tenants. They provide a reliable, professional yet personable service that we and our tenants have used for the last 5 years. On the odd occasion where problems have occurred, Bridge Fibre has responded quickly and efficiently. For example, when there was an issue with one of our internet fibres in 2015, the second resilient fibre provided a seamless backup and ensured that our tenants were unaffected and were able to continue business as usual. We are very happy to recommend Bridge Fibre.

Tom Beasley

Centre Manager, BBSP

I’m very pleased with the quality of service our ISP, Bridge Fibre Ltd, provides to Bristol BlueGreen Ltd. With all our documents cloud based the importance of good quality internet access is critical and Bridge Fibre gives me confidence that I can access my documents when needed.

Rick Smith

CEO, Bristol Blue Green Ltd, BBSP

Bridge Fibre has always been quick to respond whether it’s for sales or service; when we had a problem Bridge Fibre has worked to quickly fix it. They have been able to change our services as the company has grown and support was great when we moved into our new Technical Centre.

Hugh Smithson