Aiming to deliver solutions to the global challenges of healthy ageing, food and energy security, sustainability and environmental change. 2015 saw 13-meter visual timeline installed, illustrating the history of the park including the formation of Norwich Research Partners LLP and the development of many land mark buildings.

Set in over 230 hectares of parkland, Norwich Research Park (NRP) is a thriving community of over 40 businesses, 3,000 scientists, researchers and clinicians. Many of them are talented graduates from the University of East Anglia (also on the Park) with degrees and PhDs in computing, mathematics, chemistry, biology, medicine and geotechnical sciences.

Bridge Fibre won the tender process for the contract to become NRP’s wholesale provider. As part of this role consultancy was undertaken in the early stages that included reviewing and modifying the proposed duct infrastructure for the masterplan as well as and cabling specification. We were involved in all aspects of the design and fit out of the new Centrum building. We also helped to design the campus wide wireless network which enables secure, private as well as guest access across the park. As NRP expands with new buildings we are involved in ensuring that each building is properly connected into the duct and services infrastructure to ensure maximum reuse and minimal replication of work that has already been done. NRP’s financial model (developed by Bridge Fibre) is used for the reporting of all services and tracking of capital investments.

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