Bridge Fibre Referral Scheme

Refer us to a friend.

If you have a new neighbour and want to give them a nice welcome gesture, know another business pulling their hair out with their current provider or simply want some money off your bill. Share your code with your friends to bring them up to speed on why we are a trusted, award-winning internet service provider.

We pay them a visit…

Not quite a mafia-style visit, more of a friendly chat. We like to introduce ourselves personally so we can fully understand each client and their needs – whether it be connectivity, telephony or hosting. We understand each business is different and all of our solutions are tailored to meet their needs.

You both get rewarded!

Once they are blown away by our team and sign up for one or more of our services. We will give you one month of no bills and they will have their first month free of charge too!* Maybe you can use the money saved to treat yourselves to a nice dinner and a few drinks to say thank you. If you do, can we come too?!

It doesn’t end there either!

You can refer as many friends as you like. As long as they keep signing up for our award-winning products, you will be adding more and more months of no bills onto your account for example; 12 separate referrals and contracts taken = 1 year of no bills for your company and the first month free for theirs!

*You can’t refer the same person twice and renewals don’t count either! We know we are generous but we aren’t THAT generous!