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We are currently experiencing an outage at Alconbury which is impacting some of our customers. Our engineers are actively working on the problem.

Our carrier confirmed that the fibre issue in the London area has now been resolved as of 05:01, our monitoring and testing has confirmed that service is restored.
We apologize for any disruption this incident has caused to your service.

Our Telephony carrier is continuously working on isolating the fibre break in the London are. As an interim solution they will attempt to restore service by rerouting phones traffic. We will update you once services are restore.

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Current Outages


Our engineers are always monitoring our status and bringing you the best service possible. On the rare occasion that you are experiencing problems, please ring our technical support helpdesk immediately – or you can reach out to us on Twitter.

Technical Support Helpdesk: 01223 755075
Twitter: @bridgestatus / @bridgefibre