The phrase “data is the new oil” has never been more true. Whatever sector businesses are in, being able to manage, control and analyse their data is vital to their success. It’s especially vital for leading-edge, science-driven organisations who rely on enormous volumes of data to drive breakthroughs and innovation.

To have full control over your data businesses need a comprehensive storage and backup strategy. This has to be fully-secure to protect this vital asset, enable organisations to meet compliance requirements, and allow fast recovery of data in case of any problems.

Accelerating change due to COVID

The importance of secure storage, backup and disaster recovery has been increased by the pandemic and the widespread working from home that it brought. Data is now spread across more and more locations, while there was an increase in the use of cloud-based solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 to enable seamless collaboration between geographically diverse teams. Relying on traditional, onsite backup is no longer possible when IT teams are not in the office, and users are potentially accessing applications from outside the corporate network.

Security concerns are also growing in importance – ransomware attacks rose by 485% in 2020, with a particular focus on health and pharmaceutical companies. If organisations don’t have a secure backup of their data they may be forced to pay ransoms in order to continue their operations.

Adopting a cloud-based model for backup and disaster recovery

All of these factors are driving a step change in how organisations meet their backup and disaster recovery needs. They are switching to offsite, cloud-based backups that are fast, secure and easy-to-manage. In case of problems resources are available within minutes, meaning that users can continue to work without interruption. And as these are paid for on a usage basis, they are also cost-effective to meet ongoing needs.

Here at Bridge Fibre we offer a range of solutions to our clients, delivering peace of mind that their data is kept safe and secure, whatever happens within their internal IT infrastructure:

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Quickly extend your backup infrastructure to the Bridge Fibre cloud by moving your physical and virtual backups offsite. Easy to manage, the solution is built on our core network, integrated with the strengths of Veeam, the world’s leading backup and replication software. Policy driven security means all data is encrypted before transmission and is automatically replicated to multiple sites. One copy is hosted on immutable storage to add further security and WAN acceleration optimises the bandwidth required for backups. Pricing is straightforward and is based on the number of backed up devices and the amount of storage required.

Veeam Cloud Connect Disaster Recovery

Replicate your core infrastructure to the Bridge Fibre Compute platform, allowing you to recover from disaster within minutes. Simple to manage, Veeam Cloud Connect Disaster Recovery delivers full or partial failover to a remote site with just a few clicks. Hosted in a tier-3, ISO 27001 data centre the solution is fully secure to protect data and provide on-demand compute running on high-performance hardware.

Carbon Backup

Fast, efficient, enterprise level cloud backup of your servers, files, databases and application data, including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange. Easy to set up and configure using a backup wizard, Carbon Backup supports Windows, Mac and Linux. By using the latest data compression technologies you save on storage costs, bandwidth and resource times and data is protected using 256-bit AES encryption.

Protecting your data has never been more critical to business success – now is the time to look at how the combination of the cloud, Bridge Fibre and our hosting platform can help deliver cost-effective, secure solutions for your needs.

Adam O’Brien, Product Manager (Hosting)